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An award-winning London-based American journalist and author covering arts, culture, education, travel and international development stories for publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and CNN. Author of “Ghetto Classics: How a Youth Orchestra Changed a Nairobi Slum” (2023) and the upcoming “Elusive Mommyhood: An investigative reporter’s personal journey into IVF and surrogacy” (2025)


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New York Times: A Sculpture Inspired by Global Conflicts

LONDON: In April 1992, just before Sejla Kameric turned 16, her hometown, Sarajevo, came under siege for almost four years. The war in Bosnia, in which her father and two uncles were killed, cast a shadow on Kameric, a multimedia artist who…

New York Times: In Kenya, seeing sites by dhow

LAMU, KENYA: There’s just something about a lager at sunset.As we headed toward Pate Island by dhow, the traditional sailboat that is ubiquitous up and down the East African coast, the captain popped open my Tusker, a Kenyan beer, and passed…

New York Times: From Africa to Hong Kong, a Gallery’s Influence Grows

London: The dusting of charcoal still on her hands hinted that the Kenyan British artist Phoebe Boswell had just finished putting the final touches on the trees she had created in the entry hallway of the London outpost of Ghana’s Gallery…
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New York Times: A D.I.Y. Approach to Valentine’s Day Chocolate

LONDON: Chocolate has long been synonymous with Valentine’s Day.But rather than buying one of those heart-shape boxes with lots of mystery sweets inside for loved ones and friends, what if you made your own?“Crafting candies is not just…

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