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A London-based American journalist covering arts, culture, education and international development stories for publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN and National Public Radio.


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New York Times: Where to go in Paris for artistic inspiration

PARIS: From the local parks, with their carefully plotted plantings and neatly clipped trees, to the turrets and spires and bridges along the Seine, Paris certainly can be inspiring.It’s therefore no surprise that the French capital has…

New York Times: Across Africa, Young Leaders Emerge to Push for Change

“Not a lot of democracy happening at the moment,” the BBC journalist Will Ross said on the radio in August about the situation across West and Central Africa while reporting on a postelection coup in Gabon. He cited a litany of examples…

New York Times: The Mind-Expanding Value of Arts Education

Awuor Onguru says that if it were not for her continued exposure to arts education as a child, she never would have gotten into Yale University.Growing up in a lower-middle-class family in Nairobi, Kenya, Ms. Onguru, now a 20-year-old junior…

New York Times: A World Heritage Designation Can Be a Blessing, or a Curse

Mombasa, Kenya: It is a tale of three cities. To the north up the Kenyan coast is Lamu Town, its small streets humming with the sounds of chisels and hammers crafting Swahili doors, and donkeys carrying heavy loads of coral limestone. Locals…

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