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A London-based American journalist covering arts, culture, education and development stories for publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN and National Public Radio.


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New York Times: Galleries Introduce Themselves at TEFAF, Virtually

LONDON — For fans of Pre-Raphaelite art — the mid-19th-century London-born Victorian artistic movement — Martin Beisly’s gallery in St. James’s is a fantastical treasure trove of sumptuous paintings, drawings and sculpture.Works…

New York Times: Back at the Barre, Lessons Learned

LONDON — When students at the Royal Ballet School scattered to their homes around the globe during the first British lockdown last spring, classes went virtual and, at first, proved quite tricky.It was not just about time differences, with…
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New York Times: In Zimbabwe, Women Dig for Aquamarine

As Iver Rosenkrantz and Patrick Tendayi Zindoga drove through the fertile countryside of northern Zimbabwe one day in late 2018, they noticed something out of the ordinary: A woman who had just started plowing a field with a few oxen under…

New York Times: An Early Fascination With Caves Leads to a World Stage

Kabage Karanja had one of his earliest and most profound experiences when, as a teenage member of Hodari Boys, a youth mentoring club, he camped in the Suswa Caves, northwest of Nairobi, Kenya.It was a special memory for Mr. Karanja, now an…

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