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A London-based American journalist covering arts, culture, education and development stories for publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio.


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New York Times: Visiting the Relatives

LONDON--Thirty years ago, while Erika Lee was an undergraduate student, she made her first visit to her paternal grandfather’s village in Guangdong Province in southeastern China. Her grandfather — who had not been back for six decades —…

New York Times: A Nairobi Neighborhood Ablaze with Color, Design and Creativity

KAREN, KENYA — In this suburb of Nairobi, the ubiquitous rust-red dirt is kicked up and splattered onto the banana tree leaves by the intense rains that sweep across the hills. Here, away from the capital, there is space for designers…

CNN Style: Artist Mary Sibande Re-Imagines the Story of South Africa's Domestic Workers

LONDON--South African artist Mary Sibande's avatar Sophie -- a human-scale sculpture modeled on herself -- was born during her final year at the University of Johannesburg fine arts degree. Sibande, whose older female relatives had been domestic…

CNN Style: Marcel Duchamp Collection to be Donated to Hirshhorn

Over the last three decades, Aaron and Barbara Levine have amassed an impressive melange of conceptual and minimalist art. But, they jokingly say, they loathe calling it a "collection." "When you get the word 'collection,' it seems limited,…

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