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A London-based American journalist covering arts, culture, education and development stories for publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio.


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New York Times: Who's Got the Button? Chanel

PLAILLY, France — Dressed in a white lab coat with blue piping and sporting a trimmed goatee, Nicolas Guignaud stood in front of an industrial gas hob. He took a plastic bottle of green liquid, squirted some of its contents…

New York Times: A Voice for Art From North Africa and the Middle East

LONDON — The gallerist Selma Feriani’s debut at Art Basel Miami Beach is likely to garner a lot of attention because she has chosen to exhibit the Saudi female artist Maha Malluh, whose work over the years has taken a critical…

New York Times: You've Found an Old Watch. Now What?

LONDON — Weeks ago, Elliott Kaye-Burns already knew he would be wearing his grandfather’s watch when he went to dinner at an upscale restaurant in the Rose Bay suburb of Sydney, Australia, during a vacation this month.…

New York Times: A Keen Eye for Vintage Brussels Bounty

BRUSSELS — Ask many people what comes to mind when they think of Brussels, and chances are they’ll say the European Union, NATO, wonderful chocolate shops and arguably the world’s best moules et frites. But when Olga…

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