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fDi Magazine: Star Wars

Locations around the world are competing to bring lucrative movie production – and a little Hollywood glamour – to their regions, and financial incentives are increasingly being used to attract film-makers, reports Ginanne Brownell. Walking up the red carpet is never easy in a ball gown – just ask Vera Farmiga, nominated for several awards […]

New York Times: Russia’s Photo Impresario

Russia’s Photo Impresario By GINANNE BROWNELL (originally published in the New York Times) MOSCOW — It was almost midnight and Olga Sviblova was still going strong. Though the Moscow Manege — an exhibition center adjacent to Red Square — had been closed for hours, Ms. Sviblova was giving a private tour of a show she […]

Newsweek: Wild, Wild East

by Ginanne Brownell (originally published in Newsweek) Almost two years ago London’s Victoria and Albert Museum held an exhibition titled Cold War Modern, examining how the U.S. and the countries of the former Eastern bloc were fighting a proxy war in the world of design. Besides the obvious geopolitical aspects of the show, I was […]

Newsweek: Radek Sikorski interview

Interview with Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski (originally published in Newsweek) The April plane crash that killed 80 Polish leaders, including President Lech Kaczynski, is known in Poland as “the catastrophe.” The leaders were en route to a commemoration of the 1940 Soviet massacre of Polish officers in Katyn, Russia. Poland had to call early […]

fDi Magazine: From Aid to Enterprise

After the first wave of humanitarian aid is sent to war-torn and disaster-struck regions, FDI is the vital next step in helping countries such as Rwanda rebuild themselves. Ginanne Brownell reports. As a man with strong searing eyes proudly strides up to a podium to tell his story, his fellow Democratic Forces for the Liberation […]