Since beginning my career in journalism over 30 years ago, I have covered stories in over 45 countries and on six continents. I worked on staff for CNN (Washington, DC) and Newsweek (London) and am currently a London-based writer covering arts, culture, international development and education stories.  I have also had acting deputy editor roles with both the Wall Street Journal Europe‘s “Off Duty” section and the Financial Times’ fDi magazine.

Through the years, I have covered everything from canoeing traditions in Fiji and the barriers that girls face globally in education to profiling indicted former Kosovo prime minister Ramush Haradinaj, examining the dreaded Swimmer’s Itch in North American lakes, the joy of camel trekking around Senegal’s Lac Rose and why Flat Stanley should be forever banished from primary school curriculum.

My work has been published in the New York TimesFinancial Times, Times of London, Conde Nast Traveller, Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, Open Democracy, PRI’s The World, Salon, Scientific American, The Lily, Foreign Policy and Washington Post. (For an expanded archival list, head here). I have also done media consulting for UNICEF.

My first book Ghetto Classics: How a Youth Orchestra Changed a Nairobi Slum, was published in early 2023 (based on a 2016 New York Times piece I wrote). In 2024, the book was awarded the silver medal in the Performing Arts category of the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY). My second book, Elusive Mommyhood: A Global IVF and Surrogacy Journey,will be released in early 2025. It is a deep dive into assisted reproduction across the globe: from the history of assisted reproduction, including surrogacy, to who becomes a surrogate, how children born through surrogacy feel about it, the feminist debates around it and how countries are currently re-examining their surrogacy, assisted reproduction and parentage laws (from Italy making a total ban on Italians doing surrogacy abroad to Michigan decriminalizing surrogacy after an almost 40 year ban).

Born and raised in Michigan, I have a BA from Albion College (Michigan), an MSc in the history of international relations from the London School of Economics and an MA in international journalism from London’s City University. I have also served as both president and vice-president of the Association of American Correspondents in London, and I am on the leadership committee of the Michigan Fertility Alliance.

The above photo was taken on assignment in Kigali, Rwanda with a group of internally displaced women doing work at an arts-based collective.

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