New York Times: Carrara Marble, Taken to New Dimensions

FLORENCE, Italy — It was the last piece to go on the auction block: a life-size sculpture in creamy Carrara marble of the Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli reclining in a ornate, oversized chair.

“Exquisite,” said the actress Sharon Stone, serving as the celebrity auctioneer for a charity event in September at Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio. She then asked the piece’s creator, Gualtiero Vanelli, to come on stage with her. Read more

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New York Times: Putting Bangladeshi Art on the Map

LONDON–Rajeeb and Nadia Samdani of Bangladesh have carved out a niche as supporters and promoters of South Asian art. Based in Dhaka, the couple founded the Samdani Art Foundation in 2011 to raise awareness of Bangladeshi contemporary art. In 2012, the foundation put on the first edition of the Dhaka Art Summit, or DAS, a noncommercial research and exhibition for South Asian art. Read more

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New York Times: Website Gives Stage to New-Media Artists

LONDON — This is what a hit looks like in the age of digital art.

A web video piece called “she’s so talented,” by the Canadian born, New York-based artist Chloe Wise, sold three copies within a day of being posted in May on Daata Editions, a digital art marketplace. The video, 1 minute 3 seconds and set in Boca Raton, Fla., features a gender-bending character in a variety of poses: drinking Red Bull in a pink velour zip-up jacket on the beach, sitting on a sofa in a high-rise condo, doing dance moves while dressed in a floral midriff top. Read more


New York Times: Curator Puts Contemporary African Art on the Map

LUND, SWEDEN — Watching Koyo Kouoh make a last quality check on an exhibition she has curated is a lesson in focus, attention to detail and zen.

Though the press opening for “Body Talk,” a show of six female African artists at the Lund Konsthall in Sweden, was just a few hours away, Ms. Kouoh, 47, was the essence of calm as she walked around with the gallery’s director, Asa Nacking, inspecting every installation and work of art. Read more


New York Times: Renewing Belgrade’s Rich History of Performance Art


BELGRADE, Serbia — There wasn’t a wet eye in the house. Two dozen babies, aged between three and 18 months, were transfixed watching two women clad in white rolling around on the floor, performing slow and subtle movements inside a white tent-like structure. There were no tears or howls, just intrigued infants lolling their heads and crawling in all directions.

The babies, and their parents, were participating in the performance art piece “Baby Space” at Belgrade’s Galerija 12 Hub. Organized by Dalija Acin Thelander, a Serbian choreographer based in Stockholm, the event was aimed at stimulating the babies’ minds and movements. Read more