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International New York Times: Weekend Courses Encourage Female Conductors

OXFORD, England — Dressed in shorts with tights and sneakers, her brown hair pulled back, Charlotte Lynch looked like any other 25-year-old graduate student when she stepped to the podium in front of the eight-piece string orchestra. As…
Marisa Darasavath

New York Times: Renewing Belgrade’s Rich History of Performance Art

BELGRADE, Serbia — There wasn’t a wet eye in the house. Two dozen babies, aged between three and 18 months, were transfixed watching two women clad in white rolling around on the floor, performing slow and subtle movements inside a…

Wall Street Journal: You say ‘Expat,’ I say ‘Inpat’

LONDON–Over the years I have found it problematic to call myself an expat. And I really got to thinking about it after a recent article in the Guardian newspaper brought up the question of who is an expat and who is an immigrant. But the story…

Los Angeles Times: Ireland is First Country to Legalise Same-Sex Marriage by Referendum

LONDON–Ireland has become the first country to legalize gay marriage through a popular vote, defying the Roman Catholic Church in a landslide referendum victory to change the constitution of the traditionally conservative nation. As thousands…

Los Angeles Times: Cameron Proposes to Seize Wages of Immigrants

LONDON–Bitish Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday announced a proposal to seize the wages of immigrants in the country illegally, treating the money as criminal proceeds, as part of a crackdown designed to reduce immigration to Britain. “It…
Kate Middleton wearing pink walking for cameras
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People Magazine: London Shops Hope for Boom As Second Royal Birth Nears

LONDON--It was a quiet Sunday outside the Lindo Wing entrance of St. Mary's Hospital in London: The press pens were empty and there was no sign of royal watchers, ready to cheer on an impending royal birth. The hype for royal baby number…
Stainless steel Tag Heuer watch

International New York Times: Timeless Ways to Mark the Occasion

LONDON — When Kate Collins was looking for a combination 18th birthday and high school graduation present for her eldest son, Will, time was of the essence. She wanted a milestone gift, something he would always remember receiving at a…
Daniel Bruhl modelling for camera
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Wall Street Journal: Daniel Bruhl on Amanda Knox, "Captain America" and Nadal

LONDON--JUST AFTER I ASK Daniel Brühl to spill the beans on “Captain America: Civil War,” the phone cuts out. Minutes later, back on the call, the German-Spanish actor jokes that it’s the powers that be at Marvel Studios. “I am not…
Marisa Darasavath
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International New York Times: Laotian Artist Helps redefine Contemporary

VIENTIANE, Laos — Marisa Darasavath has made a name for herself as one of the foremost contemporary artists in her home country of Laos. But pay her a compliment about her work, and she reacts humbly, with a giggle or a self-deprecating drop…