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Rwanda: Leaps and Bounds (fDi, February, 2010)

It is the smell that hits you first – a pungent, gamey combination of wet fur, urine and dead cedar […]

Kosovo’s Serbs in Suspension (OpenDemocracy: November 2007)

Jovica Simic and Nazimi Mehmeti are the kind of neighbours that members of the international community in Kosovo want you to meet […]

Bosnia’s Civil Society (OpenDemocracy: July 2007)

Camil Durakovic has every reason to be angry. In July 1995, the then 16-year-old boy was forced to leave his hometown of Srebrenica […]

Horrible Beyond Words/Lebanon (Newsweek: July 2006)

Sitting aboard the USS Trenton as it leaves Lebanon, Ellie Khater is crying. But unlike most Americans aboard this amphibious assault ship […]

Coming Home/Lebanon audio report (Newsweek: July 2006)

Interview from Cyprus about Americans being evacuated from Lebanon

Bosnia Reborn (Newsweek July 2006)

Elvir Causevic left Sarajevo in 1990, just before the war engulfed Bosnia and smashed it to smithereens […]

Pretty Normal (Newsweek: July 2005)

According to Transport for London, buses were attempting to run a full service and the £8 ($14) congestion charge for automobiles […]

Fear of Foreigners (Newsweek: March 2004)

Agnieszka Zawadka, 24, can be forgiven for clinging to her European dream. For her and thousands of young Poles, May 1 had loomed as a golden arch leading to a hope-filled future […]

When Worlds Collide (Newsweek, May 2003)

Two dozen university-age Poles crowd into a conference room in Warsaw. They have come to discuss what it means to be European, and what they think about the United States […]

Rwanda’s New Foreign Miniter (Newsweek, December 2009)

Rwanda’s just-appointed foreign minister spent 20 years in the U.S. before returning to help her country recover from genocide […]

Hungarian PM Gordon Bajnai (Newsweek: December 2009

Gordon Bajnai became Hungary’s prime minister in April when his predecessor, who’d lied about the dire state of Hungary’s economy to win an election, was forced out […]

Leszek Balcerowicz: The Plan Comes Together (fDi: December 2009)

Leszek Balcerowicz has been widely hailed as the father of Poland’s economic transformation after the collapse of communism 20 […]

Same Old Song and Dance (September: Newsweek 2009)

The guilty verdict handed down last week was no surprise to those following the bizarre case brought against Burmese opposition […]

Antonio Milososki: Macedonia Fights for It’s Name (Newsweek: March 2008)

There could be fireworks at next week’s NATO summit in Bucharest—but not of the celebratory kind. On the agenda are discussions of whether Macedonia has met the criteria for membership […]

Respect and Rights (Newsweek: May, 2006) 

Can Prime Minister Agim Ceku bring political stability to Kosovo? The former general, who served with the Croatian Army […]

I, Ramush (Salon: October 2005)

Ramush Haradinaj was locked up in a jail cell in The Hague from March until June this year, charged with heinous war crimes committed during Kosovo’s war […]

Waiting at Europe’s Door (Newsweek: May 2003) 

Aleksander Kwasniewski has played the political fireman this year. Poland’s two-term president strongly […]

British soul singer Duffy Debuts in the US (Newsweek: May 2008)

There must be something in the water in Wales. The country has a population of less than 3 million […]

Don’t Call it Chick Lit: Cecelia Ahern (Newsweek: February 2008)

Cecelia Ahern seems to have the luck of the Irish. Her latest book, “Thanks for the Memories,” will be published across Europe […]

Kenneth Branagh: A Man for All Season (Newsweek January 2008)

Kenneth Branagh—who won Oscar nominations in the 1990s for “Henry V” AND “Hamlet”—seemed to vanish after a few flops and his divorce from actress Emma Thompson[…]

Lucy Liu: Activist Actress (Newsweek, June 2007)

Considering that she has been traveling for almost two days to get from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to London, Lucy Liu looks fresh-faced and enthusiastic […]

George Clooney: The Last Word (Newsweek: February 2007)

George Clooney has played everything from a doctor to a CIA operative. But these days, the 45-year-old Oscar-winning actor […]

King of the Fans: Gerard Butler (Newsweek: February 2007)

Gerry Butler is so popular in Japan that when he arrived in Tokyo in 2005, 2,000 swooning fans met him at the airport […]

ABBA’s Bjorn Ulvaeus (Newsweek: January 2007)

It’s one of the only four-letter words that will automatically elicit a smile from kids and adults alike […]

Not Slowing Down: Jane Goodall (Newsweek: October, 2004)

While many of her contemporaries have retired from the working world’s frenetic pace, 70-year-old Jane Goodall is as energetic […]

The Last Word: Michael Moore (Newsweek: December 2002)

Michael Moore’s brand of comedic activism has become legendary. His 1989 debut documentary “Roger and Me” […]

Shop til You Pop (Newsweek: December 2009)

Japanese tourists and Londoners crowd outside the Louis Vuitton pop-up shop at Selfridges, jostling to get in […]

Chanel: Coco Puffs (Newsweek: August 2009)

There is a wonderfully subtle (if historically inaccurate) scene in the new biopic Coco Before Chanel in which the 20-something, not-yet-a-fashion-doyenne is asked by her lover “Boy” Capel to attend a summer ball […]

Glamour at the Baftas (Newsweek: February 2008)

Bedecked in a silver and white Chanel dress that appeared to have angel wings, Marion Cotillard floated down the red carpet at Sunday […]

Black Watch, Dark Drama (Newsweek: September 2007)

To the haunting strain of bagpipes, three dead soldiers are wrapped up and carried away by their mates. Moments earlier these men […]

Beyond Paris and Milan (Newsweek: June 2007)

Tim Van Steenbergen’s atelier lies hidden down a nondescript street in Antwerp traversed by trolley cars and old ladies with shopping carts […]

Plays on Location (Newsweek: April 2007)

On a recent balmy evening in the Scottish Highlands, 260 theatergoers were led up a well-lit, pine-tree-lined concrete path. Their destination? A vacant hydraulics plant […]

The Reel Story (Newsweek: October 2006)

Think of the Brontë sisters and what comes to mind? Images of desolate moors and drafty evenings spent, quill in hand […]

Beyond “The Scream” (Newsweek: October 2005)

A skeletally thin figure, hunched in what could be midmotion, stands in a darkened blue-black room. Part of his face is bathed in soft light […]

South Africa’s Growing Pains (Newsweek: October 2003) 

When Yann Martel’s literary dark horse, “Life of Pi,” won the Booker Prize last year, it seemed to herald the beginning […]

Ipod University (Newsweek: October 2009)

YouTube has built a global reputation as the place to go for video clips of singing cats, laughing babies, reckless drivers, and raucous wedding […]

The Globalization of Special K (GlobalPost May 2009)

In Europe and North America it’s called a k-hole. In Asia it’s been dubbed a k-ride. Semantics aside […]

Laid Off Workers Head Back to School (Newsweek: March 2009)

When Lina Bilimoria lost her IT job at a London asset-management firm in January, she decided to shift gears entirely […]

Ah, the Secluded Life (Newsweek: December 2007)

At a recent members-only meeting of the California based Institute for Private Investors, some of America’s richest were partaking in the ultimate […]

The Golden Age (Newsweek: December 2004) 

Time was, old people knew their place. Scepters were passed to sons and daughters, crowns placed on younger heads […]

Five of the Best: New Polish Cuisine in Warsaw (FT Weekend Magazine, March 2012)

Football fans visiting the Polish capital for this summer’s Euro 2012 finals will not leave its restaurants disappointed […]

Warsaw’s Restaurant Guru Magda Gessler (IHT/New York Times: December 2011)

As Magda Gessler sailed through Gar, her latest restaurant in Warsaw, she greeted waiters and patrons, enjoying her position as one of Poland’s biggest food celebrities […]

The Rise of the Supper Club (Newsweek, September 2009)

I was 8 years old when I hosted my first dinner party. I invited my best friend, Caryn, and her sister over for dinner […]

Hold the Tablecloth (Newsweek: March 2009)

It’s Friday night in London’s trendy Shoreditch neighborhood, and the Albion is humming. East End hipsters, bankers and friends out for a night of gossiping sit elbow to elbow at long, wooden communal tables […]

Russia on the Walls (Newsweek: June 2009)

When Dasha Zhukova, the glamorous girlfriend of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, opened her Garage Center for Contemporary Culture […]

The Strangest Tourist Trap in Europe (The Times: April 2009)

As a German shepherd barks and lunges towards them, two dozen audience members scurry down a dimly lit hallway […]

Truth in Translation Tours the Balkans (The Times: October 2008)

The parallels are making the audience shift awkwardly in their seats […]

When Movies Follow the Storm (Newsweek, November 2007)

United States Marine Capt. Doug Jones is in a hurry. It’s the height of the war in Kosovo, and he’s in charge of transporting supplies to NATO forces bombing targets in Yugoslavia […]

Living Like Gypsies(Newsweek, July 2007)

Summertime and the living is frenzied in Paris’s trendy nightclub neighborhood of Pigalle. Where absinthe-swigging artists […]

Eastern Tide (Newsweek, June 2007)

In the end it was a battle of the Slavs. Earlier this month, in front of a TV audience of 100 million, Marija Serifovic, a pudgy Serbian singer […]

Coming Fashion (Newsweek: September 2005)

With her long wavy hair, syrupy dark eyes and near-perfect complexion you’d be excused for thinking that Lara Bohinc herself should be gracing the pages of international glossy magazines […]

A DJ’s Personal Link to Russia (Newsweek: April, 2000)

is broadcast studio in London’s Soho district is small, but Yegor Shishkovsky’s reach is huge and far-flung:

A Good Grounding (fDi, February)

It may seem an incongruous sight these days, but less than a decade ago – before Poland joined the EU – it was not uncommon to see horse-drawn wagons jostling for space […]

Just a Load of Hot Air? (fDi: December 2009)

You know there must be an energy conference in town when walking down the scenic, pedestrianised street that runs alongside the […]

The Five-Year Itch (Newsweek: February 2006)

Not so long ago, online dating seemed to offer lonely-hearts new hope that Mr. or Ms. Right was within point-and-click range […]

Brand It Like Beckham (Newsweek: June 2003)

Here’s a test of your celebrity savvy. Who deserves top billing: the noble statesman and […]

Andy Murray: Their New Hope (Tennis: June 2009)

Less than 24 hours after his historic victory at Queen’s—he is the first Brit to have won the grass court championship in 71 years […]

Shinty: Quidditch It Isn’t (GlobalPost: June 2009)

As the last strains of the bagpipes fades across the pitch, two of the greatest shinty teams in history run onto the field primed and ready for battle […]

Maria Sharapova: Down the Lines (Newsweek: June 2007)

Maria Sharapova is said to be the highest-paid female athlete in the world. The 6-feet-2 tennis champion—she’s so tall she instinctively prepares […]

Martina Navaratolova: Forget How Old I Am (Newsweek: June 2004)

Martina Navratilova jokes that she lives to break records. The Prague-born American champion played her first match at Wimbledon in 1973 […]

Dear Tennis Diary (Newsweek: June 2008)

It all looked so easy in the Wimbledon final. Rafael Nadal’s power and control; Roger Federer’s almost waltzlike moves […]

Rafael Nadal: Tennis’s Demure  New Star (Newsweek: June 2006)

For a tennis player who is impressively vocal and aggressive behind the net, hunky Rafael Nadal is surprisingly demure off the court […]

Sunny Skies Ahead (Newsweek: May 2009) 

The only crash that seems to be hitting Miami Beach these days is that of azure waves lapping against sand […]

Second Home Sale (Newsweek: January 2009)

During the boom economy it was hard enough to climb onto the real estate ladder to buy a first home […]

Building the New Links (Newsweek: April 2008)

Sixteen kilometers north of Aberdeen, the pristine beaches are barren and the dune grass blows silently in the North Sea wind […]

When the Mob is Gone (Newsweek: November 2008)

Ibiza in the summer is party central. European hipsters groove to house music in clubs like Space and Amnesia, rock stars and models sail to nearby Formentera for sangría-fueled lunches, and wealthy families […]

Magical Middle Earth (Newsweek: January 2008)

Abandoned by her brothers for the holidays, NEWSWEEK’s Ginanne Brownell and her mother took off on an Antipodean […]

The Best of Romania (Newsweek: October 2007)

Long obsessed with the Western Balkans, NEWSWEEK’s Ginanne Brownell has trudged through former war zones […]

Substitute Holidays (Newsweek: April 2006)

Since explorer David Livingstone first clapped eyes on Victoria Falls in 1855, an entire tourist industry has built up around them […]

Digging for treasure (Newsweek: June 2005)

Beachcombers hoping for a quiet stroll down the seaweed-strewn shores of Brownsea Island in the English Channel were […]