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JAKARTA — Two schoolboys stood outside the National Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta one recent day, seemingly enthralled by the artist Heri Dono. While sitting at a covered picnic table for an interview, Mr. Dono gently tried several times, unsuccessfully, to shoo the 10-year-olds away.

“They remind me of me when I was their age,” said Mr. Dono, one of Indonesia’s most internationally recognized contemporary artists. The giggling boys eventually distanced themselves, but they appeared to remain entranced by the artist’s calm presence. Read more


JAKARTA, INDONESIA** — Wiyu Wahono admitted that the first time he came across a contemporary painting while on a student backpacking trip in Venice in the late 1970s, he was “shocked” by how ugly it was. But the jolt soon subsided, and Mr. Wahono developed a passion for contemporary art. He has amassed a collection of video, installation, photography, sound and new-media art — much of it Indonesian. His office in central Jakarta also serves as an art space, where visitors can see video pieces like Yusuf Ismail’s “Eat Like Andy,” where he mimics a video of Andy Warhol consuming a hamburger, and “Ting,” a whimsical video and installation piece by the artistic collective Tromarama from Bandung. Read more